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Just like your favorite athlete prepares relentlessly for gameday, Jake adopts a similar approach to every presentation. He will discuss with you & your team the purpose of the event, goals for your audience, challenges your team is facing, and how to make this event a WIN for you. Jake will create a customized presentation, specific to your audience that motivates them to raise their game and actionable takeaways they can implement the next day.
during your event
Jake’s main focus at your event is to create an engaging atmosphere that both entertains and educations your audience to take action. He will use stories, humor, and personal experiences to empower your audience to compete every day!
Your event doesn’t end when Jake leaves the stage – and neither does his work with you. Jake will remain accessible to audience members after he leaves the stage, and provide content and resources online that will help reinforce the lessons shared on-stage. Jake’s goal is that your audience will immediately begin to build their Competitor Mindset and continue positively impacting your organization.

Jake's Bio

Jake Thompson is a keynote speaker and Chief Encouragement Officer at Compete Every Day, a brand he started in 2011 by first selling t-shirts out of the trunk of his car.


Jake works with organizations and individuals around the country, teaching how they can develop the focus, habits, and culture in order to grow their businesses and their individual lives.


It’s through his entrepreneurial sales experience, client work, and research that he’s built a proven CE³ Model to help people build their grit, better block out distractions, and create more influence as an impactful leader.


Jake is a third-generation entrepreneur, the youngest strategic advisory board member at the University of Dallas’ College of Business, and a graduate of both Texas Christian University (B.S.) and University of Dallas (M.B.A.). He lives in Dallas/Fort Worth with his wife, Elena and their three dogs, Sugar, Biscuit & Donut.


Our speaker today started his company selling t-shirts out of the back of his car behind a gym. He is passionate about competition and helping people learn to compete for the things they want out of life.

He knows first hand how this daily mindset helps people become more resilient, successful, and mentally tough to handle everything life throws at them.

Today, he is the Chief Encouragement Officer at Compete Every Day and a performance coach who travels around the country, helping people to create a Competitor Mindset so they can have the competitive edge in achieving their dreams.

Please welcome Jake Thompson!

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