While I can impact & equip your team within a 60-90 minute keynote, my passion lies in partnering with teams to take the motivational “what” content from a keynote and deep dive into the “how” by implementing my proprietary TCE³ Model.


Together, we’ll craft a TCE³ gameplan that is proven to build winning cultures and give your team the competitive edge by mastering three areas of competition:


  • Phase 1: Mindset, Focus, Habits
  • Phase 2: Leadership, Collaboration, Accountability
  • Phase 3: Clients, Culture, Connection


I call these the three phases for creating a Competitive Edge.


In the wake of the last few years, many organizations have learned that coffee bars and casual Fridays don’t create great cultures that employees can’t wait to be part of. Just look at how many open roles industries are scrambling to fill. 


Great cultures are intentionally built by investing in the people on our current team, and creating an atmosphere that attracts more of the right ones to join it.


Are you ready to give your company a competitive edge in both hiring and industry growth?

IS it for your team?
Are you looking to identify & develop your future leaders?
Are your employees busy – but struggle with identifying the right priorities?
Do you know what you "want" for a cutlure but struggle to create it?
Are you missing a strategic program to invest in your team's growth?
Are you constantly looking for how your company can stand out & have the edge?
Do you want to help your managers create more accountability and process for growth?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, then let's discuss how we can partner this year

how jake can help your team this year

Actionable Programs

I coach my clients through individual 1:1 sessions and small-group trainings designed to help team members build the 3 Phases and create a Competitive Edge.


Focus Areas

My programs help organizations develop leaders, create winning cultures, and identify growth opportunities for continued success - that keep employees engaged & productive.



My team coaching programs can be customized to fit your team's needs and budget. I offer video & in-person trainings on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.


Training Materials

You’ll get custom worksheets & training manuals that have been used to build proven, winning routines. We’ll work together on how to customize them to fit your team's pursuits.


ONGOING Motivation

Additionally, I offer bonus video training programs, empowering apparel, and books to help your team continue their mental, leadership & cultural development in alignment with coaching programs.

My company APEX has been working with Jake for a little over 18 months now. We brought Jake on board with us because I really wanted to develop a competitive mindset in my team.


I wanted my team to elevate to their highest level and adopt the mentality to get one percent better every day with the things in our control – and that’s exactly what Jake’s brought to the table. He’s been a huge part in creating the most epic, winning culture I could imagine here at APEX.


Jake creates workshops 2-3 times a year for our team on resilience, building a growth mindset, teamwork, and our internal communication. He brings in amazing energy and is extremely motivational. You walk away from his talks just like fired up and ready to go – ready to get to that next level. I’ve seen immediate changes from our team after Jake’s sessions and how they respond to what he teaches not only from a professional standpoint, but a personal one as well.


To be able to provide this training to my team has been super amazing. I am 100% grateful to continue working with Jake and call him one of my mentors.

- Angie

Ready to get Started?

My TCE³ Program allotment is limited so that each partner gets my full attention. To explore if my program is a good fit for your organization, please take a few moments to answer the questions below.

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