Be Willing to Face Plant

Failed lift rep

Be Willing to Face Plant

I know you have a goal you’re competing for – but are you willing to take a hard nose dive into the ground for it?

I saw the below two videos making rounds on Facebook this past month. Give them a quick watch and meet me below.

Did you get a good laugh? Some of those failures had me in tears laughing so hard. But I had one thought running through my head the entire time watching those videos. It wasn’t “man, that sucked! What were they thinking?”

I gave them credit for attempting something they’d never done before.

Many times in life, we choose safety and not attempting something new for fear of failure or looking dumb. We’re so afraid of what people will think if we fall short of our goal that we don’t even try for it. We’re giving up before even going. And that’s a waste of a life.

Competitors are willing to take a face plant if it’s in the attempt of something great.

Each one of those gymnasts above more than likely has multiple failures like we saw in that video. I’m sure many of you watching those clips were thinking about how you’ve done something in the gym yourself. But you did that while trying to reach a goal you never had previously. If you’re not willing to risk that failure, you’ll never:

You don’t plan to fail like in the video, but well, shit happens. Sometimes we fail unexpectedly, and when we do, it’s an opportunity to learn, course-correct, and compete again. None of those people above gave up their goals or sport because of that setback. They simply learned what not to do – and I bet pushed themselves to their limit again.

  • Set a personal record lifting weights – because you’ll never push yourself close to a point you can fail.
  • Reach that BIG goal you set as a way to change part of your life – because you’ll always choose comfort.
  • Ever do anything amazing – because you’re too scared of failure that “what if” prevents you from competing.

You have to be willing to take one on the chin, because it’s just part of the process. There’s no guarantee you’re going to lift that weight every time you get under the barbell. But there’s 1000% fact that you’ll never get stronger unless you do.

Competitors understand failure may happen. [bctt tweet=”There’s a chance they face plant. But Competitors sure as hell don’t let it stop them.” username=”Jake_T4″]

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