Greatness Is a Daily Choice

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Greatness Is a Daily Choice

Excellence isn’t a destination. There are milestones we can reach that symbolize greatness, but greatness in itself is a daily choice. You don’t arrive at greatness. You don’t just show up at excellence because it’s a process of constantly becoming.

Every single day, we have the opportunity to move closer down the road to greatness. Choosing to give your absolute best, despite not feeling great, despite not feeling motivated, and despite having low energy, that’s a choice for greatness.

Preparing today for the work presentation that you have next month, that’s a choice for greatness.

Building your discipline by investing time into your growth, instead of losing track of time by constantly scrolling your social media feed, that’s a choice for greatness.

The goal shouldn’t be to focus on “one day I’ll become great.” The goal should be every single day, “today I choose to be great!”

Notice that one has the mentality of putting off great for a day when you feel like you’re closer to it. While the other, the winning mindset, makes a conscious decision to align their choices and actions today, with that of being great.

It’s not about when you get there, it’s about how you are going to be great today.

Understand that when you choose greatness today, you stack that choice on yesterday’s choice.  And when you choose greatness tomorrow, it will build on your choice today.

Becoming great is a choice we make every single day. It is a choice that most people won’t make every day.

Most people only make the choice for greatness when they feel motivated. They only make it when they feel good or feel like they’re in the perfect situation. But you’re not like everyone else. You are a Competitor. So choose today to be great.

Don’t wait for “one day” to become great. Don’t think you’ll just arrive there. Make your choices today that align you with greatness because then one day you will be.

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